Nowadays businesses are not just a source of income, for many owners, the business has become the reason they get out of bed every morning. When you draw the line, your commerce, coupled with the services you offer, creates a truly complex system touching the lives of many people each day.

Responsible entrepreneurs will definitely consider professional office removal services when planning their business relocation. But after this initial step, many other questions will surely pop up. How do you announce an office relocation to your employees? What do you tell your partners about the future business relocation? Do office relocation letters to clients still make sense?

How do you announce office relocation?

  • Discuss it with employees and staff
  • Inform both small clients and long-year partners
  • craft an office move checklist
  • Send office relocation letters to key clients
  • Document the whole relocation process on social media
  • Update your contact information on all sites
  • Renew your business address on Google maps

Failing at even one of the points can come with a lot of repercussions. An improper announcement can result in a loss of profits or miscommunication between workers. A sure way to reduce the overload and challenges during this period is to make your proper office move checklist.

Communicate The Office Move to Employees

No matter if you run a bakery or a big tech corporation, no business can overlook the overall satisfaction of its workers. If an employee suspects an office relocation but does not hear it officially, he may That’s why it is important to find the time to communicate with your employees about the details of the relocation. Make sure to:

  • Organize a meeting:
  • Announce the decision in front of the whole team at once. Speaking to key employees first, but withholding your relocation plans from others, will result in rumors and inner-company issues. Unless you don’t want this information to leak outside your business and reach your competitors – directly inform the whole staff about the relocation.

  • Create added value:
  • Stress and inconvenience often overwhelm your employees when relocating the office which also leads to decreased productivity. Explain to your workers that the new place will come with benefits for them and a better overall environment. Make the relocation something they look forward to rather than something they dread.

  • Prevent misunderstandings:
  • It is not enough to just inform the staff about the relocation. Explain to them how long will they have to commute. If the new location is tricky to find, hand out some printed maps of the area. Also, think and discuss if the address obliges workers to make severe changes in their schedule and lifestyle.

After you have announced your relocation plans be prepared to haggle. Both justified and unjustified rants may force you into negotiations with workers demanding more benefits. Take into consideration if the wants are truly reasonable. Think beforehand about some “Machiavellian tactics” – offer free parking spaces or similar acts of goodwill if you wish to retain key employees but can’t really answer to their needs.

Try to inform all clients and business contacts for the relocation

Each successful business develops relationships both in the local community and amongst other companies in the field as well. Most businesses are being moved because the new location comes with more perks for the overall competitiveness. However, the relocation should not mean an end to your established connections and contacts. As a moving company, we get to experience the corporate life of the businesses we move and we have been truly impressed by owners who:

  • Make a thorough list of key partners and inform them:
  • Many times business partnerships continue despite the inconveniences of relocation. A standard office relocation letter can do wonders but reach out to your most important business allies personally. If this is not an option, craft a personalized email.

  • Inform your clients long before the move:
  • Office moving can take a toll on your corporate budget, but losing clients will definitely put you away from the credit side of a ledger. Brick-and-mortar businesses can’t just put a sheet of paper on the entrance door. Speak with your clients – this shows you value them and some customers may even change their schedules in order to still use your services.

  • Hype up the relocation:
  • Good news sell so use the situation to show that your company is developing and you opt-in for a new place that will fit your business growth demands.

People who don’t do business think that it is only about numbers. When you draw the line, the connections that business owners form with their clients and allies are often the things that tip the scales in terms of profit. In order to not lose this edge, your office relocation letter should be carefully crafted.

How to write a business relocation letter

We already discussed the importance of retaining clients and partnerships. To successfully keep them interacting with your business after relocation, have a one-on-one conversation, or inform them with a personalized business relocation letter. Templates on the internet can be useful if you want to email many people at once with the same standard text. This could come in handy when you email workers on the topic but for long-term business partnerships, you have to walk the extra mile. Here are some tips :

  • State the positive reasons for your relocation:
  • No matter the reason for the moving strive to find the positives sides of such relocation

  • Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written letter:
  • In this day and age a well-crafted letter is even more likely to make a good impression.

  • Make sure to write the exact details of the receiver and his business name:
  • People really think highly of their name and don’t like others to make mistakes with it be it their personal or brand name.

  • State your new address, telephone number etc:
  • Writing a letter for relocation should be first and foremost about the actual relocation. You’d be surprised how many people often omit the important stuff when they start to write.

  • Add a map for suppliers if the address is challenging:
  • Prevent disruption in the supply chain by explaining where exactly the new location is and if there are any problems for reaching it.

At first, all this may seem like a lot of work but all effort is eventually rewarded. If the reasons for the relocation are not positive just keep them inside your company and crisis management team and not on the lines of the letter.

How to announce your business relocation on social media

Many times we have seen businesses who postpone the task of updating their social media. Not only is this a grave mistake in 2020, but can also turn into a loss of profit. New clients can see your post about your relocation in their area. Ask yourself if a major company was opening an office in the same area will it announce the move via its social media channels. Since more and more people book services based on what they saw on such apps and sites, we advise you to follow these guidelines for proper social media announcements of your business relocation.

    • Make posts detailing the process:

More brand awareness rarely enough, consecutive posts about the relocation can show that your business is developing.

    • Inform your audience on all media platforms:

Many people only use Facebook as their main way to get social media exposure. If you have other profiles, use them in your “relocation propaganda”.

    • Update all social media ads

Again, failing to do this means loss of money since you won’t acquire new local customers.

    • Renew your Google maps listing:

Google’s pins indicating local businesses is for … local businesses. You surely want people from your new area to see you so don’t forget to update your address.

    • Make a team-building and upload some photos:

Аgain, this is a brand awareness trick but it will also boost the morale of your employees.

Moving your business can be a tough process but we hope that our tips will at least help you to make the best possible announcements. From announcing your office relocation to offering an office relocation budget template, we’re here to support you. Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions. Move N’ Go will carefully answer them and make your office removal as quick, effective, and stress-free as possible.