If you’re ready to turn a new chapter in your life and you’re planning to move house, you’ll need all the support to get through the journey seamlessly and stress-free. You’ll need to choose a reliable company that offers moving house services in London or other UK areas, you’ll need to prepare a list of packing materials for moving house that you’ll need, and so much more. But apart from getting your belongings packed and moved to your new home, you’ll also need to consider changing your address in all the necessary places.

One of the essential steps in notifying others about your house relocation is to change address with Royal Mail. You can use Royal Mail’s redirection service to ensure that your mail is delivered to your new address and doesn’t pile up in your old home, where other people may now be living.

In this article, we’ll share all you need to know about Royal Mail redirection when moving house. We’ll explore the benefits, the process, the cost of redirecting mail after moving house, and more.

Changing your address with Royal Mail when moving house

One of the questions you should be asking yourself when you’re about to move into your new home is who to notify when moving house. Although there is a whole list of institutions and providers that should be made aware of your change of address, one of the most important ones is Royal Mail. A postal change of address is vital for several reasons.

Royal mail redirection is a service that has been created to keep individuals’ data safe when moving to a new address. Even if you have done your part and have followed a moving house checklist on who to notify, there is always the risk that you may have missed one or two things. In such a case, you may still be receiving mail from banks, utility companies, stores, or other institutions and providers to your old address. It’s advisable to follow a moving house utilities checklist and ensure you’ve notified all other involved institutions and partners about your move.

And yet, there may still be sensitive or personal information included in this mail and if it falls in the wrong hands, you’re likely to be in trouble. If you want to stay on top of things and ensure you’re receiving your mail and items at your new house address, set up a Royal Mail moving house redirect.

How does Royal Mail redirection work?

The Royal Mail redirection service ensures that you receive your mail to your new address. The mail is fist sent to the delivery office that is responsible for serving your original or old address. From the delivery office, it will be sent to your new address via 1st Class Mail. You can enjoy mail redirection for UK addresses but can also use the service if you’re moving house internationally. It can also be used by personal customers or business customers. In case of moving to an address outside the UK, International Standard will be used, meaning that the delivery time will increase by an extra day.

Royal mail redirection can be used both in cases where you’re permanently moving house to a new location or when you’re travelling for a certain period of time and will not be able to receive mail to your current address. Royal Mail gives you the opportunity to redirect your mail six months before your moving date or six months after your moving date. Also, it’s important to note that Royal Mail currency accepts online applications for up to eight people. If the house move involved more individuals, you’ll be asked to visit a Post Office.

Royal Mail: How to redirect post

So how do you redirect mail? You can notify Royal Mail about a change of address both online or at a Post Office. Before we dig deeper into the process itself, you’ll need to prepare a number of requested documents and information.

What you’ll need for Royal Mail redirection

To notify Royal Мail about moving house or create a redirection, you’ll need:

  • An online account with Royal Mail – don’t worry if you don’t have an online account. As part of your application, you’ll be asked to create one. Apart from using it for change of address with Royal Mail, you can also use it for additional services like the Click & Drop.
  • Full address and postcode of your old and new addresses.
  • Full names and dates of birth of all the individuals who will need mail redirection services as a result of the house move.
  • A valid credit or debit card in the name of the person who is applying and registered at the old or new home address.
  • Be prepared to answer a few security questions in order to continue your online application. This is due to the fact that only authorised individuals are permitted to set up redirection.
  • Ensure you have access to your bank cards, loan information, or mobile phone contract details.
  • You must provide at least five working days in order for Royal Mail to set up your redirection.

The redirection process starts with an application form that can be found on Royal Mail’s website. Alternatively, you can call the Royal Mail redirection contact number that is also provided online. You can also watch this short and easy-to-understand video on mail redirection created by Royal Mail that explains the full process of applying online in detail.

How much does Royal Mail redirection cost?

When you get in touch with Royal Mail about moving home and you want to use the mail redirection service, you’ll discover that the prices vary depending on two factors – the duration of redirection and the number of people it will be valid for. The expense required to redirect post is affordable for everyone and won’t break the bank. At the same time, it will keep you protected and up to date with your mail.

Here are the prices that you should be aware of when it comes to Royal Mail moving address redirection:

Royal Mail Redirection In The UK

Length of Redirection Applicant Fee Extra Person Fee
3 months £33.99 £8.00
6 months £47.99 £9.00
12 months £68.99 £10.00

Royal Mail Redirection Overseas

Length of Redirection Applicant Fee Extra Person Fee
3 months £120.99 £23.00
6 months £173.99 £25.00
12 months £249.99 £27.00

Apart from the costs of redirecting your mail after moving houses in the UK, it’s also useful to keep in mind the payment methods accepted for the service. You can pay online using a credit or debit card. However, Royal Mail does not accept American Express or prepaid cards. Your credit or debit card must be registered in the UK and at your old or new address.

How long does Royal Mail redirection take?

When moving houses, it’s essential to change address with Royal Mail. Mail redirection can take five business days to be set up. However, in other cases, it may take longer. It’s advisable to apply for a redirection about three months before moving houses in order to leave some time for the application to be processed and approved. It’s best to stay on the safe side and guarantee that you’ll be receiving your mail to your new address the moment you relocate.

Enjoy a seamless house moving experience

House moving in London or other UK locations doesn’t have to be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Start a new journey with confidence and comfort, knowing that you’ve taken all the rights steps on the way. We hope that sharing this useful information on Royal Mail redirection when moving house will help you tick another box in your list of things to do when moving house. We’re here to support you with everything you need to know when it comes to a house move.